Getting Started

Getting Started:

1. Get your FREE Portal HERE:

2. Once inside your Portal, and you do not see this        video:

Click on the Logo on the top left corner to be on the "admin" page.

3. Take the time to look at the 1st "Your Journey Starts Here" and the 3rd "HUSH/HUSH…. SHHHHHH Income Stream" videos.

4. Click on "Getting Started" on the left, then on "Set Up Our Preferred Primary Broker - Uniglobe Markets"

5. FICA. You will need a front copy and a rear copy of either your Drivers License or new Smart Card ID with a front and back as well as proof of residence (any utility bill made out to you at your residential address not older than 3 months - the same one you are planning to register with UniGlobe Markets).

6.  Follow the Registration video in Module 1 and register at

7. Register as an Introducing Broker (IB) at UniGlobe Markets by following the video in Module 2.

8. Download the MT4 Platform when logged into the UniGlobe website, either as a Client (your trading account) or as a Partner (Introducing Broker or IB) - you will get the login information via email - you use the same MT4 Platform for both by adding both the Client and the Partner account.  There is a short video on this in Module 3.

9. Funding.  Follow Module 5, as only funding with Bitcoin is applicable in South Africa.  Follow the video and steps.  Just make sure your BTC amount is more than $300, aim to rather transfer $310 (you do not need to send $350 in Bitcoin).

10.  Attach to the PAMM - follow the short video in Module 6.  If you invest in only one of the Trader accounts, join the Team Shamu account (it should be Simba on the new accounts from August 2019). 


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